GoFundMe page started to help Tsegaye family


Screenshot by Chloe Houwman

LHS community’s page for donations toward the recovery of Mhiretab (Tab) Tsegaye.

Chloe Houwman, Staff Writer

Last Tuesday, Nov. 5, as many of us already know, there was a one-vehicle rollover on I-229, involving two LHS freshman, Barry Grieve and Mhiretab (Tab) Tsegaye. Due to the severity of the accident, we are grieving the loss of Grieve and praying for the recovery of Tsegaye. 

The Sioux Falls and LHS community as a whole have been supportive in helping these students, whether it’s through emotional support or monetary donations.

LHS sophomore Logan Stockberger had an idea: a way he could help the family of his friend and teammate Mhiretab Tsegaye. Stockberger organized a GoFundMe page to help support Tsegaye and his family. The money raised will go towards helping the family with medical bills.

“I’ve known Mhiretab and played basketball with him,” said Stockberger. “I knew that the hospital bills were going to be super expensive, so I just tried anything I could to help.”

The GoFundMe started on Nov. 7 with a goal of $1,000. Due to all of the donations, the goal quickly raised to $12,000. The GoFundMe account reflects that, in three days alone, the donations exceeded $25,000. 

The account shows donations ranging from $6 to $1,000. Many students and friends of Tsegaye have been donating amounts of $10 and $20.

“It’s awesome seeing so many people donate,” said Stockberger. “It really shows character in a lot of people.”

Stockberger is not looking for recognition. His goal was to do what he could to help his friend’s family. In doing so, he has helped to bring the LHS community together to achieve something great.

While we grieve the loss of Grieve, we are mindful that Tsegaye has been fighting and will continue to fight for recovery. The loss of a classmate and teammate is devastating. So, show support and kindness for those who are struggling and welcome those who are returning back with open arms.

The outpouring love and support shown during this time of tragedy is overwhelming. 

There are many ways that students can help, and the GoFundMe is one of the options.

“Thank you [to those who have donated],” said Stockberger. “Any donation helps.”

Here is a link to the GoFundMe if you’d like to donate.