10 methods for surviving finals week

Study methods for students to prepare for and relax before semester tests

Photo Provided by Pixabay

Study methods for students to prepare for and relax before semester tests

Chloe Hartje, Staff Writer

Don’t stress too much. Remember semester tests are is only worth 15 percent of your grade and they will not make or break your chances of graduating or going to college. 

Use an effective study method. It is better to study in small chunks than for hours at a time. Remember, you can only absorb so much in an hour, so do not cram! Also, make sure to give yourself a break to process what you are learning.

Choose your environment carefully. A quiet, peaceful environment is most conducive for learning and will keep you free from distractions. Many people like coffee shops, such as Starbucks or Josiah’s, but a library might work for you too. 

Prioritize & plan. Make a study plan so you can focus on what needs the most attention. If chemistry isn’t your strong suit, spend a little extra time reviewing for that class. Maybe you have got world geography down and can sacrifice some study time for some of your harder classes. 

Make time for yourself and “renewing” activities. Don’t spend the entire week before finals looking through textbooks and every single sheet of paper you have gotten since the first day of school. Take a break to relax or socialize with friends. 

Ask for help!!! Do not be afraid to ask your teachers or classmates questions. If you do not understand what to study or what you have already studied, make sure to find some help. 

Catch some ZZZ’s. Maybe you are the person that can function off of three hours of sleep, but for most, that is not enough. Do not stay up late cramming; sleep will help improve the quality of your studying, even if you studied for less time. 

Eat nutritiously. Students often eat more unhealthy foods during finals week, like processed snacks or fast food, in a time crunch. Junk food will give you instant energy, but it will eventually result in a crash and have a negative effect on your concentration. Instead, choose nutritious snacks like fruits and vegetables to keep you energized. 

Stay hydrated. Dehydration leads to fatigue and headaches, so make sure you drink plenty of water during finals. If you want to have a cup of coffee or a Bang, do not forget to drink water with it. 

Keep a positive mindset. Remember, if you stress yourself out and believe you are going to perform poorly, then your chances of doing well are smaller. Stay positive and enjoy the fact that the semester is almost over!