Guess the Teacher

As you walk through the hallways at LHS, you will see several familiar faces, many of those being teachers. But what did they look like when they were babies? Some teachers look very different from when they were babies, while others still have similar facial features. Try and match the teacher to the correct baby photo:

  1. This teacher is a math legend, known for his almost perfect ACT score. If you walk into his room you may witness him casually throwing pencils into the ceiling. He has coached the freshmen boy’s basketball team for several years and was once a player for LHS himself.
  2. This teacher can be found in the English department of LHS. When seen in the hallway, he is often wearing vests over his shirts. Outside of LHS, he writes poems and plays music in a band.
  3. Recognized by his unique mustache, this teacher can be found in the science department, specifically a chemistry room. Before gaining his full-time position at LHS, Tuttle student taught for James Jarovski (Jaws).
  4. This young teacher is new to our building this year. She teaches geometry and investigative algebra at LHS. Before coming to LHS, she student taught in Tea.
  5. This English teacher is known for bringing the performance stage to the classroom. She often incorporates her theatrical talents into her teaching to help make her students more interested in learning.
  6. This teacher is a true fan of journalism. She is a “school mom” to the students in her classes and is also pregnant with her second child. She is the adviser for the Statesman.
  7. This mystery teacher is the only Anatomy teacher at LHS. She loves teaching about bones and muscles. She is known for having “Gratitude Tuesday” and “YouTube Friday.”
  8. This teacher is involved with many different English sections at LHS. She teaches American Literature and English III. LHS Theatre Business Manager is another title this teacher holds.

Answers found under each picture

Teacher #1
Teacher #2
Teacher #3
Teacher #4
Teacher #5
Teacher #6
Teacher #7
Teacher #8