A week of celebration at LHS


Madeleine Kemper

As of Friday morning, Feb. 14, the junior class was winning the Penny Wars.

Madeleine Kemper, Staff Writer

At the start of the week you may have noticed paper top hats hung in the hallways along with the decorated Abe statue. By the time 3rd period rolled around, you saw the video, confirming your assumptions: It’s Abe’s week!

To kick off the week of celebration, the annual Penny Wars began on Monday in the library where four different bins were set up for each graduating class. Pennies are positive, and all other coins are negative and will be subtracted from each class’s total. Students are able to increase their class total by adding pennies to their bin and decrease their opponents with other coins or bills. On each of the bins are pictures of 6 different teachers. The class that wins will get the opportunity to throw a pie in each teacher’s face. The winner will be announced this coming Wednesday, the 19th. Then, all of the names of the students from the winning class will be put into a drawing, where six lucky winners will be picked to actually pie the teachers on Friday, Feb. 21st. Half of the money raised from Penny Wars will go to the Patriot Pride assembly at the end of the year, and the other half goes to aiding students who need to purchase bus passes. 

Also, honoring Abe’s 211th birthday, the Patriot Pride Committee put up 211 Abe stickers hidden all around the school on Wednesday the 12th. Students who found an Abe sticker were able to take it to student services and receive a voucher for a free Dairy Queen ice cream cone. The festivities on Wednesday continued during lunch periods when the committee sold ice cream sandwiches. 

Even though Abe’s birthday ended on Wednesday, fun activities continued in preparation for Valentine’s day. LHS Student Council sold Crush soda cans starting on Monday. Orange signified “just friends,” purple was “crush” and red was, “super crushing.” If you received a can in ad-room, I guess you now know that someone has their eyes on you!

Even if you didn’t get a Crush can this morning, and the rest of your Valentine’s day turns out to be a bust, everyone can look forward to the four day weekend ahead.