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John Hough

“American Gothic” was released to American theaters in 1988, though it was jointly produced by Canada and the United Kingdom.

American Gothic

“American Gothic” is the last entry, and it is a ‘backwoods-weirdos’ movie released in 1988. Some friends are flying a plane, but it is having fuel issues. They make an emergency landing on a small, rocky and forested island. Looking for people or resources on it, they stumble upon a cabin with an elderly couple. However, the couple and the island are both more than they seem. This movie is most notable for how frequently the plot takes a turn few would expect. The setting is beautiful, and the directing is masterfully executed, which provides for an experience crackling with tension.

Horror is an incredibly diverse genre, full of films that few would know about but that many would enjoy. All of the above movies are delightful, full of surprise and brilliance and have much to add to everyone’s October.

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