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“House” was released to theaters in 1986, though production started in the year prior.


“House,” released in 1986, is an unforgettable cult-classic. It focuses on an emotionally disturbed author, Roger Cobb, who is being pressured to write another book. After his aunt dies, he decides to stay and live in her house, though he is still separated from his wife and his son, who recently disappeared. Quickly, he begins to have strange nightmares and supernatural encounters, fueled by post-traumatic stress from his experiences in Vietnam; everything from little gremlins to levitating saws attacks him. In delirium, he discovers the source of all this, while also facing the source of his post-traumatic stress. The movie masterfully blends elements of comedy, traditional horror and a great soundtrack, with songs such as “You’re No Good” by Betty Everett.

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