Presidents Bowl 2020


Kate Tollinger

On Sept. 5, 2020, the LHS student section cheers on the varsity football team as they take on the RHS rough riders.

This year’s 29th Annual President’s Bowl was not like any other year. There were many changes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. The LHS Patriots took on the RHS Rough Riders on Oct. 5 at Howard Wood Field. 

Anyone could tell by looking at the stands that this year’s football game was different than any other. Not only did the stands look different, but the overall experience was not the same as it has been in previous years. It was apparent that most people there were excited to be somewhere different than their homes. All of the fans were decked out in white and brought a lot of energy to the field. The LHS Patriots battled the RHS Roughriders all throughout the game, but they could not pull together the win. 

“Overall I think both sides did pretty well, one side just made fewer mistakes than the other,” said LHS sophomore and varsity football player, Elliott Renville. 

Due to COVID-19, this year’s President’s Bowl had many changes and restrictions set in place. This year there was no doubleheader; the two games took place on different days. Due to the pandemic, there were also a limited number of spectators allowed to come watch the game. All students and spectators that attended were expected to wear masks. There were very limited food stands, there was no large group tailgating, no fun games, and very limited socializing before or after the game. The players have also needed to adjust their routine during the game due to this pandemic. 

“We have gators that we wear for when we have our helmets off and we sanitize when we workout,” said Renville. 

Many players do not wear masks on the field but some have chosen to protect themselves individually. 

“I have a shield under my helmet,” said Renville. 

The ending score of the game was 42 to 19. Even though our Pats lost, it opened up an opportunity and motivation to work even harder. 

“We were disappointed, as we should be, but mostly we just saw what we needed to improve on,” said Renville.

 Overall, this year’s President’s Bowl was definitely one that many will remember. The LHS football team still has many more opportunities to show Sioux Falls what they’ve got to offer. 

“We will get them during the playoffs,” said Renville.