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Early Primaries

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Early Primaries

June 2019

President Trump holds a kickoff rally in Orlando, going with the slogan “Keep America Great.” Though the slogan change was announced a year prior, its use at the kickoff rally is electorally significant as it displays his election strategy: highlighting perceived accomplishments or deliveries. In nearby Miami, several Democrats compete in the first 2020 Democratic Presidential Debate, a two night event. 


October 2019

Several states cancel their Republican primaries in attempts at party unity behind Trump. Sen. Bernie Sanders has a health scare involving unexpected heart surgery, postponing his campaign for a few days. He makes a full recovery in time for the fourth Democratic Debate, however. Sen. Elizabeth Warren temporarily surpasses former vice president Biden as the highest-polling candidate in the Democratic primary, but her lead soon diminishes. The House of Representatives votes to advance public hearings in the Trump impeachment inquiry, almost exactly along party lines.


December 2019

As more Democratic candidates drop out, more and more Republican primaries are being cancelled or preemptively awarding their delegates to Trump. The House of Representatives votes to impeach Trump, again nearly along party lines; Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, running for the Democratic nomination, is the sole “present” vote.

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