Updates on Outer Banks season 2


StockSnap/Photo by Bernard Spragg

Popular Netflix show Outer Banks, will soon be releasing their long awaited second season.

Kate Tollinger, Staff Writer

Back in quarantine, Netflix released a drama-filled teen adventure series. It was released back in April, and it was a show that I’d seen take over all social media platforms. It seemed as if that is what everyone was doing during those long and dark quarantine days. 

After watching the season twice, I can say that the cast is what really makes this series like no other. The show is based on a group of teens scavenging to find the long-lost gold. After the release of Outer Banks season one, and leaving us with a huge cliffhanger in the final episode, fans eagerly wanted a season two. After waiting around for a year now, there are finally some rumors of when season two will be released. 

Over the past week, multiple cast members have posted on Instagram with captions mentioning, “That’s a wrap,” meaning that the cast has officially completed filming the next season. Unlike the previous season, they filmed in Barbados along with Charleston, South Carolina, the scenery fits perfectly with the film. It has also been said that all the cast members will return in season two. Lead cast member Chase Stokes, who plays the role of John B, posted to Instagram his thoughts and acknowledgments after filming. 

“To the best crew in this business,” said Stokes. “Thank you. You have fought through adversity with a sense of humor. Sacrificed your time during a global pandemic to bring to life another incredibly compelling story. This isn’t an easy show to do, and for those that are there before we get to work, and those who stay when we leave. My heart is filled with gratitude for you. This is more than just a tv show. This has become a big ole’ family.”

In the last episode of season one, John B and his girlfriend, Sarah, left the Outer Banks during the storm to go find the gold. They ended up in the ocean and are saved by a ship crew that is heading to Nassau in the Bahamas. With John B and Sarah trying to somehow steal back the gold, they have left their other three best friends behind. One of the cast members left behind is Madison Bailey, who plays Kiara, or Kie, on the show. 

“There’s so much new adventure in the new season,” said Bailey. 

Bailey also gives a sneak peek of what to expect in the first few episodes that start the show. 

“We start season 2 with the three Pogues [Kie, JJ, and Pope] in the Outer Banks grieving and figuring out their life without John B, Sarah and what that means for the mission,” said Bailey. “How are we going to go about this when it’s just us? Then you get to see John B and Sarah in the Bahamas doing their thing.”

Now that they are officially done filming season two, I would like to assume that the new season will be out early summer. With all cast members returning for a new season, I would expect lots of adventure, drama and even more romance. The battle between Pogues and Kooks, the long-lost gold and the sparked romance between John B and Sarah Cameron await my Netflix account; the season can’t come soon enough.