How to keep your mind in line over the summer

Summer is a great time span to accomplish and be apart of many things.

PIxabay/ Geralt

Summer is a great time span to accomplish and be apart of many things.

Allison Kolling, Staff Writer

In the summer, it is important to value time and energy to reach your full potential in many different aspects. As summer is approaching there are many way to make this happen.

Keep your mind active

In the summer, it is easy to shut off the thinking side of your brain and to block out any educational means of thinking- but it is important to still keep thinking in some way, shape or form. An easy way to do this without using too much brain power can be Brain Games such as Sudoku or crossword puzzles. Another option is picking up a book for a few minutes each day so you can keep your vocabulary flowing and have a chance to expand on new topics. By doing little mind exercises, going into next school year your mind will be prepared for retaining information and critical thinking much more than it would be without these. 

Take advantage of the season

Without having to dwell on upcoming tests and assignment due dates, summer is the perfect time to let your mind relax. Options such as going for a hike and spending time outside can positively affect your mental health, as being in the sun releases serotonin that can calm your mind. Although being prepared intellectually is important, placing your mind at ease is also a very key aspect. 

Create goals for yourself

Summer is an ideal time to expand on new goals and interests. There are many classes one can take to learn new things in the summer and to feel accomplished. On another hand, there may be goals that have been needed to be accomplished for a while that you can finally tackle when you find the free time. Feeling accomplished can be a relieving feeling mentally and physically. 

Staying healthy

A great advantage of summer is the fact that catching up on sleep can become much more common and not viewed as much as a luxury. Along with getting an adequate amount of sleep, exercise can be a smart option to fill your free time with, whether it is an organized sport or getting together with friends to do something active, exercise can make you feel much better in many aspects. Lastly, an important piece to being healthy is having a balanced diet. 

Looking into the summer, for your best interest it is important to physically and mentally prepare yourself for what is to come.