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A biopic is a movie that is a biographical display of someone’s life.

What is a biopic?

Biopics are essentially biographical films, sharing the lives of many individuals with a wide range of audiences. They can follow countless personalities, from musicians to royalty and even to the occasional serial killer. Commonly based on books, this category is often known to dramatize the people and events they follow, in an attempt to interest audiences more and (in many cases) make more money. Nonetheless, biopics have shaped the film industry since the days of silent, black and white motion pictures that grew the cultural presence of films into what it is today.
2021 was no exception to the inclusion of these films, even with the countless movie theater closures around the world due to COVID-19 lockdowns. While many of these films had to delay their release dates as pushes for more money, others embraced the temporary closures by releasing the features on streaming services, like the biopic “King Richard” on HBO Max. Furthermore, this year has brought a great variety of biopics to screens, causing audiences to learn more about unique people and events within their lives.

“King Richard”
“House of Gucci”
“The Eyes of Tammy Faye”
“Judas and the Black Messiah”
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