2022 Mr. LHS Nominees


Joy Bilal

The 2022 Mr. LHS pageant will take place on April 8 in the LHS auditorium.

Joy Bilal, Staff Writer

Interview Questions:

  1. How would you define success?
  2. If you could have a superpower what would it be and why? 
  3. If you could choose to be a celebrity for a day, who would you be?
  4. What about LHS do you enjoy the most? 



TJ Simko 

  1. Being financially stable and being happy with your life. 
  2. I would pick superspeed because I would never be late for anything and I could get homework and other things done quickly. 
  3. I would be Dominic Fike. 
  4. The people. I have a lot of friends here and all of my teachers are super nice. 

Gabe Gutierrez

  1. I would define success as putting your all into something and obtaining what you want out of it, whether it’s gaining a lesson or gaining a valuable object—getting what you want out of a situation after putting in work and effort to get it. 
  2. Definitely time travel because then you could create the perfect life. I could go back and fix any mistake that has happened in my life.
  3. Pete Davidson.
  4. I enjoy the community and the vibe people give off. Everybody is confident in themselves and embraces who they are. 

Isaac Smith

  1. I would define success as a point when you feel mentally stable.
  2. Super Strength. Everyone says it’s a dumb one but it would be so cool if I could walk around and pick up cars and other heavy objects. 
  3. I would be Jeff Bezos and transfer funds into my account as Isaac Smith.
  4. I enjoy the days when something wacky happens and you get to be with everybody and it’s not the usual schedule, like what happens next?

Fisher Meyerink

  1. I would define success as someone being able to make themselves happy as well as making other people happy.
  2. I would like to have the superpower to fill things up. That way if I am thirsty I could just fill my mouth with water, and if someone is annoying me I could just fill their blatter. 
  3. I would choose to be Jeff Bezos, and then I’d give away as much money as possible. Then find his bed and fill it with bed bugs.
  4. I enjoy the people at LHS. There’s a lot of diversity in who we have here that you just can’t get at other schools. 

Cole Capaldo 

  1. The number of trophies you have on Clash Royale. 
  2. Super Strength, so my quads are bigger.
  3. Juice WRLD.
  4. Cookies before inflation.



Charlie Mickelson 

  1. The achievement of something desired. 
  2. Probably like super speed. I could run everywhere really fast.
  3. I’d probably want to be Adele. 
  4. Saif Shah.  

Caleb Hiatt 

  1. Accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your purpose. 
  2. I would want to fly because that would be sick.
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo because he’s yoked. 
  4. There are a lot of good teachers here and a lot of people I like to hang out with. 

Gus Sargent 

  1. Be happy with yourself and what you do.
  2. I would want to shapeshift into animals so that I could fly and breathe underwater.
  3. I would like Kanye West to delete his Instagram. 
  4. My friends. 

Jackson Paslay 

  1. Someone’s ability to harness their will to power in the Nietzschean sense.
  2. Probably flying so I can get out of this city. 
  3. Kanye West so I can be a musical genius. 
  4. The people.

Lewhat Tesfaldet

  1. I would say success is like establishing your own goals, feeling satisfied and achieving other goals.
  2. The ability to control time. I could wake up, be late for school, stop time and reverse it. There are a bunch of things you could do with that ability. 
  3. The Rock because he’s hot.
  4. The people here at LHS. There are a lot of different types of people, variety and who you can interact with.