Words of Wisdom from the 2022 Seniors


Joy Bilal

With the 2022 senior class of LHS graduating in 11 days, some of the seniors share wisdom and advice to the other students left with a few more years left in high school.

Joy Bilal, Staff Writer

With the last full week of school left of the 2021-22 school year, students are feeling emotions all over the place. Trying to complete last minute assignments, taking semester and AP Tests and working to end on a good note before the summer welcomes us back, a few seniors have some words of encouragement to the younger students with some years left in high school to complete. 


Question: What advice would you like to give to students with a few more years left in high school? 


Ady Sand- “Soak it all in, these four years, especially the last one, slip away much quicker than expected. The people you are surrounded with right now are only part of the present and are not guaranteed in the future. Enjoy it while you can.”


Baily Randall- “Prioritize yourself over everything. You’re not selfish. These years are meant for you to recognize the importance of yourself.”


Hannah Cisar- “Get involved in as many things as possible. Don’t stay home with nothing to do when the school offers a lot of opportunities to get you active. This is an easy way to make friends as well.”


Gage Gohl- “Don’t try to be someone you are not. There are all kinds of people in all types of groups. There is going to be a group for everyone, so just be yourself.” 


Mara Tiede- “Make sure to make fun of the underclassmen. It helps them build character.”


Paige Gordon- “Get stuff done!”


Henry Haft- “If I could give any advice to underclassmen it would be to have a great time in high school, probably not get into a relationship and focus on friendships you have. Get involved as much as possible. Even if getting involved isn’t a school-supported activity, don’t just sit at your house and play Xbox all day. Go out and do something with your life.”


Veronica Iseminger- “Join the Statesman, and don’t be afraid to be controversial.”


Lydia Sarbacker- “Enjoy your time and work hard, but make sure to take time for yourself and participate in what truly interests you and feels most fulfilling for yourself. Make your high school experience your own.”


Avery Nelson: “I would say go to every football, volleyball or any other sports game that you can because you think you can always go to the next one but there are only so many.” 


Yes, school can sometimes be a handful and overwhelming but always remind yourself to be grateful for the opportunities you have. Having access to adequate education, great teachers and multiple opportunities, you should not take it for granted. Enjoy these moments because before you know it you will be onto the next chapter in your life.