This years girls basketball team has seen less spectators than the boys team.
This year’s girls basketball team has seen less spectators than the boys team.
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A lack of support

As many of the student body at LHS knows, we have an excellent boys basketball team. Several students show up in coordinating outfits, based on themes decided in the school-wide group chat. They line up with seniors closest to the court, and freshmen farthest away from the court. Collectively they use chants to cheer on the team while trying to distract the opponents. Attending the boys basketball games can be a highlight for many students, as it brings the school together and increases their spirit. 

LHS also has a girls basketball team. Even though they are lower ranked than the boys basketball team, they still have potential. When attending a girls basketball game few students show up, and it is often the siblings or relatives of the players. Oftentimes, the girls basketball games are not announced in the group chat and the student body does not show up. The girls basketball game also does not have themes, so students show up without knowing where to sit or stand. 

I feel, as a student of LHS, that we need to be able to show up for whatever sport LHS has sanctioned. It is important to be able to support each sport and show the athletes that they are capable of entertaining the school and should be proud to play varsity or junior varsity. As a member of a school sport that gets little to no recognition, it is difficult to find a love for the sport when the student body is unable to show up.

Having people show up to your sporting events has a massive impact on how you perform, and the amount of effort you exceed. Our girls team tends to lack confidence, but they still want to be successful in what they do. 

 Scott Amundson, who teaches online learning, and he offers important advice for his younger players that will be part of the basketball team in the upcoming years.

“We have some talented players and individuals that are truly amazing role models for the younger generation,” said Amundson. 

He feels that the girls basketball team has some great students who serve as positive role models for the younger generation that will be starting as freshmen. While being an online teacher, he sees many faces every day and enjoys talking to students to connect with them. Therefore, he feels that it would be beneficial to the girls’ performance if some of their friends or the student body would be able to show up for the games.

“It would be nice to see more friendly LHS faces at the girls basketball games,” said Amundson.

It is truly amazing that LHS has the student body to fill the stands and be able to cheer on the boys basketball team. They put in hours of work each night, running throw plays, scrimmaging and practicing their shots to play to their full potential each game. With that, it takes a tremendous amount of courage to play in front of all those people, but it is also important to show appreciation for each sanctioned sport, not only girls basketball.

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