Romanticizing the female experience

Romanticizing the female experience is one way I overcome challenges in my daily life as an 18 year-old girl.
Romanticizing the female experience is one way I overcome challenges in my daily life as an 18 year-old girl.
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With the end of the year rolling around, so do the headlines regarding the man or woman of the year. When I opened and peered down at my phone to see Kim Kardashian, a woman, on the cover of the GQ Man of the Year issue, it sparked a thought. 

Throughout my life I have seen both sides of feminism, the triumph and the oppression. I can say that focusing on the positive, women have made a lot of progress to make it to where we are in 2023. It could be my algorithm, but women are in the center of the very world we live in. All people, no matter their gender are able to appreciate the beauty and power of our women today. Of course hate will come around, but what is positive will always shine through. 

I grew up always having female idols in life. I did not see these “businessmen” as the face of power, I saw the women running businesses, the mothers. This I have realized could be a part of the ideal female experience. There’s a certain force behind the mindset of a woman. 

It may be frowned upon by some, but romanticizing this philosophy has made life as a woman all the more enjoyable in my life. It is not on purpose  but I separate my thinking between genders, for being a woman is just being human, and as purposeful as a man. 

Day by day, I now like to live my life following this purpose. It’s not as mushy or soppy as I make it out to be. I like to point out these powerful people and think about how far we have come. There is no right or wrong way to do it. I see people take action through their bodies, self care and regimens. I see people take action in wearing pink as a symbol, in atmospheres it is frowned upon. I see people contribute to their communities in the ways they know they are meant to be. The female experience is an ideology that can make the life you are living all the more meaningful.

When overcoming hardships, especially as an 18 year old girl overcoming developing friendships, relationships, a career or college you must do what you can to find your balance. By romanticizing the “girl life” in my own way and by continuing to incorporate it into social media, business or school I hope it may be able to help other women like me as well.

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