How to survive: Boring class edition

A LHS student working on homework after a challenging class.
A LHS student working on homework after a challenging class.
Lillian Kiesow

Getting through a full day of school can be challenging for most students at LHS. Throwing a difficult or boring class into the day can completely tank one’s motivation and desire to do work. Classes like these can easily throw the whole day off and make it hard to complete the rest of the school day in high spirits. Doing activities that bring joy can really help get to the end of the difficult class. Here are five ways to breeze through another difficult class and make it one step closer to the 3:15 bell. 


Have a fun drink:

Finding a fun drink to take to class can be as easy as a Starbucks coffee to a Bubblr at the school store. Having the extra caffeine can guarantee a boost in mood during a complex lesson and can overall sweeten your day. Having this extra boost with the help of these fun drinks will help the class fly by in no time and help you get one step closer to the end of the day.


Listen to music: 

One of the easiest ways to turn a boring class around is to play some music and jam out. Listening to music can drastically increase anyone’s mood and can be a big stress reliever in challenging classes. Whether it is during a lecture or silent work time, music can help concentration and ease any stress.


Take cute notes:

Transforming one of the most tedious jobs into an arts and crafts project can take the class from boring to fun within seconds. Taking cute notes is one of the simplest ways to create a fun environment while still learning the material given in class. Only needing very few materials, taking cute notes can make learning the material more enjoyable and prepare you for the next test or quiz. 


Talk to a friend:

Take a few extra minutes before the bell rings to chat with classmates about anything from last night’s basketball game to the unbearable homework that was just assigned. Making connections within the classroom can make class time more enjoyable and a time that people can actually look forward to. Making these connections can pay off when in need of a study buddy right before the final. 

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