2024 NFL Mock Draft

According to FanDuel, Caleb Williams is -10000 to be drafted first overall. In other words, if you bet $100 on him to go first overall, you would only profit $1.
According to FanDuel, Caleb Williams is -10000 to be drafted first overall. In other words, if you bet $100 on him to go first overall, you would only profit $1.
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2024 NFL Mock Draft
1. Chicago Bears: Caleb Williams: QB, Southern California

Caleb Williams has been labeled as a “generational” prospect by many draft experts, comparing him even to the great Patrick Mahomes. The arm talent he has mixed with his ability to make plays with his feet make him a no-brainer for the number one pick. The Bears just ended their Justin Fields experiment by trading him to the Steelers for almost nothing. By bringing in some good offensive weapons, they are attempting to create an environment in which Williams can flourish. 

2. Washington Commanders: Jayden Daniels: QB, Louisiana State

The 2023 Heisman trophy winner (best player in the country), Jayden Daniels, is a truly explosive playmaker who causes opposing players to lose sleep. His ability to run is on par with players like Lamar Jackson and can spread the ball out through the air. By tallying just under 5,000 total yards and 50 total touchdowns at LSU, he catapulted up draft boards and is in the conversation for the number one pick. The Commanders are licking their chops at the thought of him falling into their laps and will be able to build a fun and young offense around him.

3. New England Patriots: Drake Maye: QB, North Carolina

Experts believed Drake Maye and Caleb Williams were by far and away the two best quarterbacks in this draft before the season started. After a somewhat disappointing year, Maye fell down draft boards to the third or even fourth-best QB in the class. He reminds me of a slightly smaller Josh Allen or Justin Herbert, big arm, and can use his size and athleticism to pick up crucial first downs. I could see the Patriots trading down from this spot to improve their roster and find a QB in the future. But, in this scenario, I think Drake Maye would be the right pick.

4. Arizona Cardinals: Marvin Harrison Jr.: WR, Ohio State

The son of the great NFL WR Marvin Harrison is seen as the greatest wide receiver prospect ever. First of all, he is an athletic specimen, measuring in at 6 foot 4 inches while also being incredibly fast. He can beat the defense vertically with that speed but also has great footwork which allows him to break in and out of routes with ease. Great hands, and great technique, all around there are no weaknesses in his game and if I can guarantee anybody's success in the NFL from this draft, it would be “Maserati Marv”.

5. Los Angeles Chargers: Malik Nabers: WR, Louisiana State

Nabers led the country in receiving yards this season and tied for third in touchdowns. He might not check all the boxes as an athletic guy but his route running and ability to track the ball mid-air is uber-impressive. He can burn defenses down the field with his speed but is most dangerous when he gets the ball in space. Nabers’ run-after-the-catch ability is second to none among top WRs in this class and while he projects as a true number-one receiver, he also has the versatility to play in the slot. LSU has produced an insane amount of WR talent in recent years and I am excited to see what he can do at the professional level.

6. New York Giants: Rome Odunze: WR, Washington

Rome Odunze makes football look so easy. Just looking at his athletic profile, you would not see anything that pops off the page. Odunze is fairly slow for a WR but makes up for it with his size and physicality. He excels when in contested catch situations due to his great ball-tracking skills and his ability to high-point the football. The way he runs routes is almost methodical and fluid, he has a great feel for the game and will make life easier for whatever QB New York trots out next year.

7. Tennessee Titans: Joe Alt: OT, Notre Dame

The Titans need a mini reset after losing star running back Derrick Henry. They have a quarterback in Will Levis they are willing to give a shot but just need to fill out the rest of their roster. Starting at the offensive line never hurts and Joe Alt can be a top offensive tackle in the league. He is a bit small for his position but is the best pass blocker in this class in my opinion. While he might struggle at first versus a big and strong NFL lineman, I think this would be a home run pick for the Titans.

8. Atlanta Falcons: Dallas Turner: EDGE, Alabama

The Falcons just made a blockbuster deal with quarterback Kirk Cousins to round out their offense. They should have no problems scoring next year so they should prioritize defense. More specifically they need to bolster the defensive line. Dallas Turner might not be the most technically sound edge rusher in the draft but his raw abilities and potential are enough for a team to take a shot on him. He has great “bend” (the ability of a player to get underneath and around a blocker while simultaneously curving toward the quarterback) a trait that is hard to teach. Turner should be a good fit for this young Falcons team.

9. Chicago Bears: Jared Verse: EDGE, Florida State

Verse is pretty different compared to Turner. He is very strong and uses that to overpower offensive linemen but do not sleep on his quickness. Like Turner, he has good “bend” and struggles when defending the run game. Overall, the Bears have made great moves this offseason by bringing in offensive weapons and re-signing cornerback Jaylon Johnson. Adding Verse to their talented team could further help them compete in the stacked NFC North next year.

10. New York Jets: Brock Bowers: TE, Georgia

Bowers might be the best tight-end prospect we have seen in a long time. But I do not like to label him as a tight end, I prefer draft expert Mel Kieper Jr.'s term, “receiving entity”. He could easily be considered a bigger receiving threat than most wide receivers this year while also being able to hold his own. If he can fall into the Jets’ lap they could have an explosive offense with Garret Wilson, Breece Hall, Bowers and Aaron Rodgers. The Jets could be good enough to rival the Chiefs and Texans next year.

11. Minnesota Vikings: JJ McCarthy: QB, Michigan

McCarthy is the most polarizing quarterback in this year's draft, that is mostly due to how little opportunity he got to show off in college. Some people have him in the top three while some believe he does not even deserve to be a first-rounder. In my opinion, he is the clear fourth-best quarterback this year and the Vikings need one badly. McCarthy is very accurate and when he was asked to step up in clutch moments at Michigan last year, he delivered. He does have a pretty weak arm for a quarterback but he has experience running an NFL offense under Jim Harbaugh and has proven to be a winner. The offense the Vikings have built should be perfect for him to succeed at the professional level.

12. Denver Broncos: Quinyon Mitchell: CB, Toledo

This might be surprising but I believe Mitchell is the best cornerback in this draft. He is insanely fast and is the best zone corner in the class by far. He is a pretty good tackler for his size but one thing that scares me is that he was not asked to play very much man coverage in college. Whether he pans out in the NFL will heavily depend on the defensive scheme he is drafted to. People might wonder why the Broncos of all teams would draft a cornerback, first of all, cornerbacks are a premium in the NFL and it is never a bad decision to stock up on them. I also think the Broncos might be hesitant to give star CB Patrick Surtain II a big contract.


13. Las Vegas Raiders: Olumuyiwa Fashanu: OT, Penn State

For most of the draft process, Fashanu had been a consensus top-ten pick. As of late his draft stock has dipped into the mid to late first round, but I think people need to stop overthinking this pick. Fashanu is the prototype pass-blocking offensive tackle. He has the size and the athleticism and just a great feel for the game overall. On the flip side, the run-blocking aspect of his game is a little lackluster due to his hesitancy to be physical. The Raiders are looking like a mess right now and like I said before, starting your rebuild with the offensive line will never hurt.

14. New Orleans Saints: Bo Nix: QB, Oregon

Drafting Nix this early is not what I would do if I was in charge of the Saints, but this is what I think is going to happen. Obviously, more than 20 of my picks are probably going to be wrong, but for some reason, the Saints seem infatuated with Nix’s game. He is an exceptional athlete, I will give him that, his ability to scramble and make plays out of the pocket is very impressive. I just do not think he has the arm talent to elevate an NFL offense, I see him as a game manager who needs a good system around him to succeed. Combine that with the fact that he is already 24 years old, 2 years younger than Sam Darnold who was drafted in 2018. This pick would not make sense to me but I am not a professional scout, so if there is something the Saints see in Nix, they are probably right.

15. Indianapolis Colts: Brian Thomas Jr.: WR, Louisiana State

I love Brian Thomas Jr. as a WR2 in the NFL. He can take the top off of the defense with his blazing speed and is also an underrated route runner. Thomas was overshadowed by his partner in crime Malik Nabers but had a very impressive season snatching 17 touchdowns. The Colts have two good receivers already but bringing in Thomas will spread out defenses and allow for Anthony Richardson to excel next year. 

16. Seattle Seahawks: Troy Fautanu: OL, Washington

Fautanu will most likely be playing offensive guard at the professional level despite starting 28 games at left tackle at Washington. He excels in pull-blocking scenarios and is physically dominant all around. He has some issues with footwork and positioning and that is why he will probably be bumped from tackle to guard. It would be a win-win scenario because the Seahawks bolster their offensive line and Fautanu gets to stay in Seattle.

17. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cooper DeJean: CB, Iowa

Cooper DeJean is an unprecedented player, but not for reasons you might think. The last time there was a white cornerback who played consistently was in 2003. Unlike most white players in the NFL, DeJean is known for his size and athleticism at his position. He sometimes has to rely on that athleticism to bail himself out when he makes a mistake. A very intriguing part of his game comes on the third side of the ball, special teams. He has shown to be an elite punt returner and I believe he can continue that into the NFL. The Jags need help on defense and DeJean should be a good starter for years to come.

18. Cincinnati Bengals: Taliese Fuaga: OT, Oregon State

Fuaga is my favorite offensive lineman in this class, mostly due to the sheer size and raw strength he possesses. He measures in at 6 feet 6 inches and weighs over 320 lbs. He struggles at times with his positioning, since he is so big, it can be hard for him to recover when he is displaced. The Bengals need to prioritize keeping Joe Burrow healthy and adding to the offensive line is the best way to accomplish that.

19. Los Angeles Rams: Byron Murphy II: DT, Texas

The Rams lost arguably the best defender, not just of our generation, but of all time. Aaron Donald is nearly impossible to replace but Byron Murphy II can still be an impact player. Murphy is a little short for his position and has even shorter arms which could lead to struggles in the NFL. On the other hand, his ability to rush the passer from the interior is something rare to see in defensive tackles. Overall, Murphy, despite his size, is a force to be reckoned with on the field.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jackson Powers-Johnson: C, Oregon

Powers-Johnson might be the best offensive lineman in the class but is projected to fall in the draft due to the position he plays. Usually, centers are not prioritized early in the draft compared to other offensive linemen. He is a very good run blocker and holds his own in pass protection as well. Powers-Johsnon has shown incredible toughness as he played through injuries throughout the season last year. The Steelers are a bit of a mess and I believe they should just go best-player-available in this situation.

21. Miami Dolphins: Laiatu Latu: EDGE, California Los Angeles

I was debating between Latu and Verse for the ninth pick but ended up choosing Verse due to Latu’s injury history. As a player, he has a real argument to be the best edge rusher in the draft, the rare combination of size and quickness is very intriguing when watching him play. A big problem with Latu is the fact he was “medically retired” due to his neck injury in 2020. Since returning he has been exceptional but injuries like those seem to deter teams during the draft. The Dolphins lost some defensive linemen this offseason so Latu will have plenty of opportunity to showcase his skills.

22. Philadelphia Eagles: Terrion Arnold: CB, Alabama

After the retirement of Jason Kelce, I am sure the Eagles are praying for Jackson Powers-Johnson to fall into their laps. If that is not the case though, I believe they will just take the best player available due to the lack of need on their team. There are no holes on the offense, besides center, and the only slight weakness on defense is against the pass. Arnold is a high-IQ player who rarely makes mistakes. Although he struggles with tackling in one-on-one situations, the Eagles will not be worried about that part of his game because of their stacked defensive line.

23. Minnesota Vikings: Jer’Zhan “Johnny” Newton: DT, Illinois

Like Byron Murphy II, Newton is undersized for his position. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in strength and effort. He is very hard to displace in the run game which allows him to blow up plays at or behind the line of scrimmage. The most impressive part of his game is his ability to get around offensive linemen on passing plays to secure a sack or to pressure the quarterback. The Vikings have had interior defensive line issues for a few years now and Newton would be a great addition to a young, Brian Flores-led defense.  

24. Dallas Cowboys: Adonai Mitchell: WR, Texas

Adonai Mitchell has risen up draft boards as of late. He is a smooth route runner who has excellent straight-line speed, a very dangerous vertical threat. On top of that, Mitchell had a drop rate of just 2.2% and had a very extensive catch radius. He has shown to be a weak blocker and someone who struggles with physicality. The Cowboys need more weapons for Dak Prescott and Mitchell would be a great fit next to WR CeeDee Lamb.

25. Green Bay Packers: JC Latham: OT, Alabama

JC Latham is one of the more complete linemen in this draft. He has the size and athleticism to compete with NFL-level rushers while also having active hands to fend off opposing defenders. His problems stem from the mental aspect of his game. He is prone to being too aggressive in some situations which leads to him being caught out of position. The Packers need some offensive line help to protect QB Jordan Love, and JC Latham would be a perfect fit.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Chop Robinson: EDGE, Penn State

While I do not think Robinson warrants a first-round pick, edge rusher is a position of need for Tampa Bay. Robinson is pretty undersized compared to the other edge rushers in this draft, what he lacks in size, he makes up for in speed and quickness. He explodes off of the line when the ball is snapped and has the best “bend” in the class in my opinion. If he can become more consistent and put on some muscle he will terrorize opposing quarterbacks for years to come.

27. Arizona Cardinals: Tyler Guyton: OT, Oklahoma

Guyton was an edge rusher coming out of high school, after he committed to TCU, they converted him into an offensive lineman. Once he transferred to Oklahoma, he had a great year starting at right tackle. He is a monster among men measuring in at 6 feet 8 inches and 322 lbs. There are no questions about Guyton’s natural ability, but he struggles with the technical aspect of the position. Since he switched positions, he has trouble with footwork and is caught out of position a lot. Guyton, if under the right coaching staff, can become an all-pro level tackle and the Cardinals would love to add him to the offensive line.

28. Buffalo Bills: Keon Coleman: WR, Florida State

After the top three receivers, Coleman has the best chance to become a true WR1. He has all of the physical traits you would want and even though he ran a slow 40-yard dash, he plays way faster on the field. Coleman has a rare combination of being able to come down with contested catches and making plays after the catch. The route running and technical ability, in general, is lacking somewhat with Coleman, but I believe the Bills should take a chance on his talent and give Josh Allen a new WR1.

29. Detroit Lions: Nate Wiggins: CB, Clemson

Nate Wiggins has a real argument to be the best defensive back in this draft class. He is very lanky and also showed crazy speed at the combine. He has great technique in both zone and man coverage, if he can fill out his frame and add some weight there would be zero physical weaknesses to his game. Where he seems to struggle the most is on the mental side. At times he can seem uninterested and seem to be a lazy person when he is not engaged. When he is engaged though, he takes too many risks. If he can lock in mentally, he is honestly my favorite CB in the draft. The Lions need secondary help badly and I feel like Wiggins would be great in that role.

30. Baltimore Ravens: Jordan Morgan: OT, Arizona

Morgan is a behemoth who has the most experience out of most offensive linemen in this class. He started 37 games over three seasons all at left tackle. His strength and size allow him to bully opposing defenders in both the running and passing game. Although he can be clunky at times due to his size, the Ravens need to create lanes for their heavy run scheme and Morgan can do just that.

31. San Francisco 49ers: Graham Barton: OL, Duke

The 49ers have zero weaknesses on their roster, their QB was top five in MVP voting last year and he was not even a top 10 player on their team. Barton is a versatile lineman who the 49ers would be able to plug into any spot. I am guessing he will play center in the NFL and I believe he will be astounding at that role. The 49ers are built to win now and getting an experienced offensive lineman will bring them closer to the Lombardi Trophy.

32. Kansas City Chiefs: Ladd McConkey: WR, Georgia

McConkey to the Chiefs is an absolute match made in heaven. While I do not believe he can become a true WR1 in the NFL, I believe he can become one of the best slot WRs in the NFL. His small frame and high motor remind me a little bit of Adam Thielen. He is an exceptional route runner and has very secure hands. McConkey’s biggest downside is his size. It is very difficult for him to win 50/50 balls and is a poor blocker. Overall, McConkey could be Patrick Mahomes’ go-to target (similar to Julian Edelman with Tom Brady) after Travis Kelce retires.

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