Guide to the perfect “Sunday Reset”

A few self-care essentials (face steamer, gua-sha, face masks, candles, etc.).
A few self-care essentials (face steamer, gua-sha, face masks, candles, etc.).
Kadence Dean

Take self-care to a whole new level by dedicating your Sunday to prep for the rest of the week. Here are a few simple tips and recommendations from personal experience to dodge those “Sunday Scaries.” 

There is always a choice in the morning for how you want your day to go. Depending on the person, they wake up early to make the most of their break day or they sleep in. I usually sleep in to make sure I am well-rested for the next day. Always start your day with some time to yourself. Avoid getting ready right away; perhaps make breakfast, get some sunlight or do some morning stretches while planning for the rest of your day.

I always have a few choices regarding what to do with my Sunday. My usual route, however, is a self-care day. I like to take a classic “everything shower.” An “everything shower” is the term which explains the shower where you do everything you need to do in one shower. My usual shower routine involves washing my hair, using a deep conditioner or hair mask, exfoliating, shaving, moisturizing and the occasional self-tan. Before my shower I like to oil my scalp, my go-to is the hair growth rosemary oil from LIA. I let that sit in my hair for about 1-2 hours then follow up with my rosemary shampoo and conditioner. Rosemary is known for its hair growth properties. Hair masks are a fun product to experiment with. You can make your own or purchase one with credible ingredients. Never reach for a hair mask that has ingredients that do the opposite of what it advertises, like sulfates. Otherwise, almost everything else regarding an everything shower is your choice and a fun way to make showering a self-care activity. Bonus points if you add in a face mask, some at-home dermaplaning or tidying up your eyebrows (my go-to’s).

There are always a few additives to a self-care day, whether it is going out shopping, thrifting or hanging out with a friend. If I feel up to it, I will go out thrift shopping by myself, pop my AirPods in and get inspired. That alone time might just be what your Sunday needs. On other days, I might want to hang out with friends or a loved one. Your Sunday reset can be tailored to whatever you may need. 

A few other recommendations may be cleaning your room or making time to do a task that has been put off for the week. Sometimes I will deep clean my room to start my week fresh, or I will clean out my makeup bag, which is usually a hefty task. Other tasks  could include doing laundry, organizing or homework. 

More often than not, Sundays are a rest day for me, but it may be the opposite for others. Sundays are a good day to get moving, if you do not have the time to get active during the week then a workout could definitely be counted as self-care. Another choice could revolve around your meals. Sunday could be a cheat day, or maybe it’s that day for you to get a cute acai bowl and practice that healthy lifestyle.

Do something with your Sunday that reflects your personality, and prepares you for the next week. Get something done or do nothing at all, your Sunday reset can make all the difference.

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