The Sleeping Beauties of the 2024 Met Gala

Co-Chair Zendaya on the 2024 Met Gala Garden of Time-themed steps and carpet.
Co-Chair Zendaya on the 2024 Met Gala Garden of Time-themed steps and carpet.
Photo used with permission by Harper’s Bazaar

The Met Gala is an exclusive celebrity event held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. The Gala is held every year on the first Monday of May. The event has been known for designers and celebrities showing off their best fashion according to the theme Trustee and main event coordinator Anna Wintour chooses. The Met consists of art and performance regarding the theme given. This year’s theme was Sleeping Beauties, and the dress code was Garden of Time. Here are a few celebrity looks and what I would rate/rank them according to practicality, creativity and accuracy regarding the theme.


  1. Kim Kardashian

Kim wore a Silver Floral Laced gown by John Galliano, the creative director of Maison Margiela. The dress was paired with a loose, messy braid and a worn-in gray cardigan. Kim has never failed to create drama at the Met, but this year she created concern for body positivity and health with her tiny corseted waist. People also were upset with the cardigan she wore over her dress that was featured in the Maison Margiela show. She took the theme and made it her own by creating an elaborate story about running off after an amazing night with her boyfriend’s cardigan. Overall, this look fails to follow the theme and creates a new one. However, the critics of this look are hardly one-sided. Some may love it, some may hate it, but it’s not her best. To be unbiased, because I personally love Kim Kardashian, I give her a 6/10.  


  1. Cardi B

Cardi B made a statement with a large tulle gown by Sensen Lii. The gown took up the entire staircase and needed multiple people’s assistance to move. Although the gown was large and in charge, it wasn’t really on theme. Cardi also received major backlash for not remembering her designer’s name and making a seemingly racially insensitive remark instead. I would personally rate the look a 5.5/10.


  1. Nicki Minaj

Nicki wore a golden yellow Marni minidress adorned with 3-D multi-colored flowers, resembling an oil painting. A minidress is always a bold move for the Met, she made it all the more eye-catching with blunt bangs and an arched bubble braid. Her look, although playful, missed the mark compared to the class among the other guests. I felt the look would have had a better home at a more casual event. I rate this look a 6/10 as well.

  1. Dove Cameron

Former Disney kid Dove Cameron wore an almost decomposed-looking sheer floral gown by Diesel. I felt this gown really met the dress code but still didn’t have as much “wow factor” compared to the other looks. I would rate this look a 6.7/10.

  1. Taylor Russell

At her first-ever Met, Taylor wore a Loewe gown that featured a high-neck wooden corset that was 3-D molded to fit her torso, with a high slit, draped silk skirt. The look was whimsical and ethereal looking. She matched the theme perfectly and made a great first impression on the Met. I rate her look a 7.5/10.

  1. Kendall Jenner

Jenner wore a 1999 archival Alexander McQueen for Givenchy gown that she claimed no human has ever worn. Although critics found out that it was not completely true, the gown was never worn on the runway and once worn by Winona Ryder. This look fits her body like a glove with many flattering cutouts. This gown proves to be timeless (giving a nod to the garden of time) while also being a sleeping beauty. Jenner claims she “awoken the dress,” also taking a nod to the sleeping beauty theme. Even if she did lie about the exclusivity of the dress, I would still give it a 7.5/10. 


  1. Lana Del Rey

Lana made an appearance at the Met wearing a custom beige gown with branches reaching to hold a sheer veil designed by Alexander McQueen’s Seán McGirr. The look had that garden fantasy to it, and was impractical enough to make a statement at the Gala. I personally loved this look and would rate it an 8.3/10.

  1. Mona Patel

The name Mona Patel was new to me when watching the Met, but she sure did make it known. She wore a cream-colored Iris Van Herpen gown with motor-controlled butterflies down her sleeves. Her whole look resembled a butterfly which made for a great addition to the garden-themed carpet. Her look was Met Gala worthy and definitely deserves the top three in this list. I would rate the look an 8.5/10.

  1. Tyla

Tyla turned heads with her Custom Balmain gown made of sand and crystals to mold her body. Her entire look was incredible and enjoyable to look at. The sand made a nod at the time aspect of the theme, holding an hourglass clutch. I loved this take on the theme and she looked beautiful in the gown. I would rate this look a 9/10.

  1. Zendaya first look

Met Gala co-chair Zendaya wore a blue lamé and organza bias-cut dress worn over a duchess satin corset by John Galliano. She had on a statement red eye and thin eyebrow look that was similar to the Pat Mcgrath makeup that went viral. Her look was on theme and stood out among all the other looks at the event. She had details including a hummingbird on her shoulder and clusters of grapes that added that extra bit of umph. She also sported a second look later that night that was all black with a bouquet headpiece that also made a statement. I believe that she was the best dressed for the night, therefore I would rate her look a 10/10. 


Overall the 2024 Met Gala had some amazing looks that created the perfect “garden of time” for the night.


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