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Top 5 most important men to know at LHS and why

Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer

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Why you should know Pat:

  • He is the first friendly face you see when you walk into the office and he greets you with a big smile.
  • You can try and guess what is in his fanny pack… no one has ever found out.

Catch phrase: “Go Patriots!”

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens













Why you should know Principal Grimm:

  • Well, he is in charge of the school so it might be nice to get on his good side.
  • He is everywhere: in the hallways, in the office and in the gym, so you should probably know who the guy is that is following you around.

Catch phrase: “Don’t mess with me.”

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens



Why you should know Officer Dragger and Larsen:

  • If you are ever getting yourself into trouble, the officers will be there for your safety.
  • Sometimes, when they really like you, they will let you look at their handcuffs. If you are really lucky they may even try them out on you.

Catch phrase: “We aren’t as dumb as we look.”

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens



Why you should know Mr. Struey:

  • If you are involved in any type of sport, you probably see him all the time as he congratulates every player after every sporting event.
  • He is in charge of all the athletics so if you are trying to do some fun cheers at a football game, you better get on his good side.

Catch phrase: “Go Pats!”

Photo provided by Somer Luitjens



Why you should know Sean Ladd:

  • When you are having a bad morning, he will be the first person to greet you.
  • He is not just the tall guy that keeps the halls safe while we are in class, he also makes every person in the school feel welcome.

Catch Phrase: “Waddup.”

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