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RLD homecoming royalty: A fairytale ending

Tim White and Anna Robinson winning homecoming king and queen at LHS.

Tim White and Anna Robinson winning homecoming king and queen at LHS.

Somer Luitjens

Somer Luitjens

Tim White and Anna Robinson winning homecoming king and queen at LHS.

Somer Luitjens, Staff Writer

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The votes are in and counted. Your LHS homecoming king and queen have been decided, and there could not have been a more perfect ending.

The 2017 homecoming royalty included: Sydney Siegel, Tommy Anderson, Meredith Benson, Sam Mendel, Anna Robinson, Isaac Woods, Lucky Dekkenga, Tim White, Britten Blount and Oliver Lockwood-Powell. Each student is involved in many school activities and were great candidates for queen or king.

The LHS Red Letter Day coronation took place last Thursday, Sept. 28. The night was full of many exciting games for the royalty to play on stage. The competitions included posing for pictures with their new tattoos, a sandwich eating contest, kicking ducks into a straight line, all with a little cheering from each side along the way. They played the games girls against guys, with no clear winner but each side looked to have a lot of fun.

The time came to announce the 2017 RLD homecoming king and queen. There was no one better fit for the job than Tim White and Anna Robinson. All the royalty students did a great job on stage and had a great time doing it. Congratulations to Tim and Anna!

Somer Luitjens
The royalty students playing games at LHS coronation

Somer Luitjens
Lucy Dekkenga and Sam Mendel walking out together at LHS coronation

Somer Luitjens
Oliver Lockwood-Powell and Meredith Benson walking out at LHS coronation.

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