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‘Double Dutchess’: Fergie’s best yet?

Caiden Capaldo, Staff Writer

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Throughout the years, Stacy Ferguson (AKA Fergie) has pumped out many notable pieces. From her career with The Black Eyed Peas to her first solo studio album, “The Dutchess,” Fergie has quite the resumé. With this being said, many were excited when her second studio album, “Double Dutchess,” premiered.

Compared to past tracks such as, “Fergalicious” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry,” “Double Dutchess” meets all of Fergies standards for past accomplishments. Although she claims to not be promiscuous, Fergie blends edgy lyrics with neat beats. “The Dutchess” offers more of a guy-crazy theme while “Double Dutchess” shows a more personal side to Fergie, which many listeners will probably enjoy more.

The 13 track album was released this last September, which was quite a surprise to the general population since there was not much advertising to hype it up at all. The album is different in that it not only includes new tracks, but is also a compilation of most of the singles that she has released throughout the last 10 years.

Perhaps the most moving song within the whole album is “A Little Work,” which speaks on how each and every person is broken and simply needs “A Little Work.” The song includes an orchestra solo, which may make it the top song on the album. However, for all of the emotion the song packs, it lacks a clear solution to the problems it states and fails to give an idea of how the people of this earth can truly thrive.

The album contains other hits, such as “L.A. Love,” which basically is a turn-up song for parties and such. With no clear purpose but to hype up all the people of the world, it is a fun song to jam out to with friends. The song simply states popular cities of the world and then continues to say that they are, “Saying ‘la la la la la’.” This may be the most well-known song on the album because it topped Billboard’s charts in 2013.

The last song that is worthy to be mentioned is the sixth track, “Life Goes On.” The song essentially speaks to the topic of how Fergie had a hard break-up with her significant other and basically says that regardless of the junk that might have happened in a relationship, there is not much anybody can do to change it because life simply will go on. “Life Goes On” also has an acoustic sound to it, which makes it sound pretty emotional and honestly a little more in-depth too. It is an amazing song, and Fergie hits some pretty intense notes that are bound to impress many listeners.

Altogether, the album offers a wide variety of songs to sing along to and provides an impressive track list. The album certainly is a nice refresher to know that Fergie still has the ability to form new, creative and fascinating songs. One thing is for sure: Fergie fans will be lining down the block just to watch what she has got. From risque topics to songs about love, Fergie truly has created a masterpiece.

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