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Bezos’ business boom

Jeff Bezos speaks at a press conference earlier in his career.

Jeff Bezos speaks at a press conference earlier in his career.

Google Public Use

Google Public Use

Jeff Bezos speaks at a press conference earlier in his career.

Hannah Hansen, Staff Writer

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If you have ever found yourself filling your online shopping cart on Amazon, you have contributed to the net worth of $100 billion Amazon’s founder, Jeff Bezos, now holds to his name – a net worth that is making history.

With its start in 1994, Amazon has continued to advance and alter the way society navigates the world of technology. While books were the first and only product Amazon offered to the public following its birth, Bezos pursued his vision in making his company the domination of the ecommerce market – a vision that he continues to solidify and build upon.

Bezos has the recent Black Friday sales to thank for his accumulating wealth. With shoppers across the world flocking to online businesses, it is no surprise many have found themselves submerged in all Amazon has to offer. With Christmas just around the corner, this online business traffic has only just begun – and is not stopping anytime soon.

Partial credit must be given to Amazon’s rising stock over this past year, boosting revenue as it continues to soar. With its stock up 60 percent so far, Amazon has continued to impress investors and establish its security in influencing the rest of the online market.

Prior to Bezos’ climb to the top of the world’s wealth this past year, Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, was known to be the wealthiest man on earth, holding a net worth of nearly $90 billion. However, with Bezos’ $100 billion now tied to his name, he has surpassed Gates in claiming the ‘richest man alive’ title.

With an incredible end to 2017, Bezos’ power and influence will continue to fuel the online market in the years to come – sustaining Amazon’s recognition throughout the entire world in the process.

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