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World travel; more than just a pleasurable getaway

photo provided by Brita Quello

photo provided by Brita Quello

photo provided by Brita Quello

Taylor Ericson, Staff Writer

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Traveling the world is at first very appealing but the idea is quickly neglected because of the time and financial commitment. Despite the unsatisfactory side of the subject, traveling can have a positive influence on one’s health as well as emotional state.

According to NBC news, a woman who travels at least twice a year is less likely to experience a heart attack compared to one who does not travel annually. Men also have favorable health outcomes in response to travelling. In men, travelling annually is scientifically proven to help reduce the chance of heart disease.

Travelling not only helps one’s physical health, but mental as well. NBC news also explained that going on a vacation can help increase happiness, as well as dwindling depression and anxiety in the process. While on vacation, one feels very relaxed and carefree, helping increase happiness and overall satisfaction. A Cornell University study proved that this content feeling starts to build up simply while planning the trip and lasts weeks after the vacation is over.

Depression is a mental illness that many struggle with, often seeming like there is nothing to cure one from their sorrowful thoughts and moods. Although travel may not erase them completely; it has been shown to drastically improve one’s symptoms. A study conducted by the Marshfield Clinic in Wisconsin concluded that women that travel at least twice a year are less likely to experience chronic stress and suffer from depression.

Although it may seem strenuous on both your bank account and time, travelling is an experience that can increase your mood and health, making it well worth the toll.

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