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Is no-(sham)poo for you?

With millions of different shampoos to choose from, are you making the right choice for your hair?

With millions of different shampoos to choose from, are you making the right choice for your hair?

Katie Osmundson

Katie Osmundson

With millions of different shampoos to choose from, are you making the right choice for your hair?

Katie Osmundson, Staff Writer

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Hair is a popular subject in today’s society. Whether it is No-Shave November, the latest styles, hair products or colors, hair is a recurring topic for many beauty magazines and everyday people.

For most people with hair longer than a few inches we are forced to do something with our hair each day (unless we are going with a messy look). Keeping one’s hair healthy and clean can help boost confidence, and with the millions of hair products, both synthetic and organic, there are plenty of ways to do it. But washing your hair with these products might end up doing more harm than good.

People often complain that if they go more than a few days between washing their hair becomes greasy and oily, but this oil is natural. Sebum, a natural oil in your hair, is found in the follicles and helps keep your hair healthy, strong and conditioned. Harsh chemicals in shampoos strip away the sebum and leave your hair damaged and weak. In fact, over-washing your hair can lead to increased sebum production as the hair’s glands sense that it is drying out, sending the oil glands into overdrive.

So what is the alternative? I promise it isn’t leaving your hair dirty forever (proper hygiene is important). According to the No-Poo Method website using gentle, more natural replacements shampoo, such as baking soda and apple cider vinegar can keep your hair clean without damaging it. You can even just skip hair products all together and just use water.

Though the world will probably not switch to avoiding shampoo for the rest of my life, something that can be taken away from the No-Poo movement: people shampoo their hair way too much. Cutting back a little will not only save us money on hair care products, but also save our hair too.

Check out more information about the No-Poo Method at:

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