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How to give back through your school this holiday season

Abbie Griffin, Entertainment Editor

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During the holiday season, most people think about giving back but don’t know how to. Some might not know how and where they can get involved. Here are seven ways you can get involved through LHS throughout the holiday season.

  1. Participate in the SALSA club at your school. Through SALSA, you learn about volunteer opportunities and ways you can give back to your community.
  2. Join the Environmental Ingenuity Club at LHS. In this club, you learn about problems that plague the local and global environment and then come up with solutions on how to solve them.
  3. DECA is a club where you learn about real world problems and how to solve them in the business world. When not doing this, the club works at the banquet serving meals and collecting household goods for people in need.
  4. In National Honor Society, students are recognized for their grades and their academic achievements. Outside of this, NHS also hosts a blood drive each semester and even just being in NHS requires you to have multiple service hours a semester, so it encourages you to get out there and volunteer.
  5. Run for Student Council. In Student Council you serve the banquet, go to the Humane Society to walk dogs and also help with Project Warm Up. They also do jersey auctions during football season in October to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness.
  6. Study buddies is a club where you can volunteer to help other students in your school with their homework and tutor them in their classes.
  7. Collision is a group where, where if you don’t have a strong faith in God, you can join and each week go to a bible study. Outside of that, groups buy toys for kids who don’t usually get presents on Christmas and do random acts of kindness, which might include bringing food to nurses on the night shift, giving gift cards to strangers for Christmas and writing letters to santa at Macy’s. Inside of school, you can serve breakfast in the cafeteria on Friday mornings to the students of LHS.

Although you might not be able to do all of this during the holiday season, participating in one to two can help you to make a difference in your school, community and world.

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