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How to survive the fast and furious February

February is the fastest-paced month of the year, let's face it.

February is the fastest-paced month of the year, let's face it.

Timothy Stolp

Timothy Stolp

February is the fastest-paced month of the year, let's face it.

Timothy Stolp, Staff Writer

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Oftentimes in February, I find myself wishing it would get over faster than it does. Even though it is the shortest month of the year, February still seems to drag on forever.

This year, we catapulted into the bitter month with the rare Super Blue Blood Moon (which was red, just saying). Celestial occurrences such as this always seem to affect the pace and mood that each month carries with it, whether we recognize it or not. On top of this, we have the stress of a new semester, conferences and Valentine’s Day. To survive, I’ve devised three great ways that might accelerate February:

  1. Showering is a fantastic way to relieve stress and clear the mind from the busyness of life, so take a shower that lasts the whole month, or at least when you’re feeling stressed.
  2. Binge watch some Netflix. Tell yourself that you can give up half-an-hour to watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Even if you end up wasting a few half-hours or a whole day, you felt good about it and your mental health is maybe just a bit better, even if just on the surface.
  3. In general, give yourself the space to get through a minuscule, but fast-paced month. If you can pack the punches to pull through, you will feel like a strong, independent person. Conferences, a new semester and even the Valentine’s Day’s spent alone watching Netflix (probably in the shower) aren’t going to define your life or how next February goes.

With these simple steps, each of us can get through the fast and furious February like champions.

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