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‘Grab a smart friend’ and earn some quick cash

Trivia app allows students to quickly earn money

HQ Trivia

Lucy Dekkenga, Editor-in-Chief

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High schoolers today are incredibly busy with school, activities and beefing up their resumes. Some students even manage to squeeze a job into their busy schedules. However, many others are searching for quick and easy ways to earn a little cash.

For those who do not mind being outside, some students will look for jobs mowing or shoveling. Other students may try to do chores for their parents or relatives. The easiest way to earn money, though, requires no physical work at all, only mental. It is HQ.

“You don’t need a job to get fat stacks, as long as you have HQ,” said junior Amy Dow.

In August of 2017, Vine (RIP) creators, Rus Yusupov and Colin Kroll, released an app on iTunes called HQ Trivia, a live trivia game where users can win money.

The process of winning is fairly simple.

Step 1. Download the app at

(for Apple users)

Step 2. Sign up in the app

Step 3. Play the game at 2 p.m. or 8 p.m. central time

Step 4. Answer all 12 (sometimes 15) questions right

This seems simple enough, but there are a few catches. The questions start out easy and progressively get harder. Sometimes there will also be “savage questions” thrown in to make people get them wrong. Also, you can not get any questions wrong or you are no longer allowed to play the game. One last thing, you only have 10 seconds to answer each questions, so you can not look them up online.

If you are so luckyas  to answer the last question right, there will more than likely also be others who did as well, so you split the $2,500 or $25,000 prize with them. However, you could still win thousands of dollars.

“HQ is do or die,” said senior Courtney Klatt. “Luck will get you nowhere, only skill. It’s survival of the fittest and the weakest are exposed quickly.”

So, as the HQ loading screen says, grab your phone, “turn up the volume, grab a smart friend,” study up on some random facts and start raking in the cash. It may be hard, but you will have fun and learn while doing it.

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