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Lorde lights up Lincoln on Melodrama Tour

Lorde performed

Lorde performed "Supercut" in the Pinnacle Bank Arena alongside a male dancer.

Timothy Stolp

Timothy Stolp

Lorde performed "Supercut" in the Pinnacle Bank Arena alongside a male dancer.

Timothy Stolp, Staff Writer

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Despite the prospect of cancellation, New Zealand pop artist Lorde gave her audience in Lincoln, Ne. a “royal experience last Saturday with a spectacle of lights, music and dance.

About two hours prior to her performance the 21-year-old singer tweeted out the link to a message in which she detailed her concern about the show. One of her trucks got stuck behind a car crash following a snow storm the night before in between Minneapolis and Lincoln; therefore, a portion of the set was missing. Lorde prompted her fans to voice what they wanted.

“Would you rather just see me regardless tonight, or will it bum you out to not see it the way it should be seen,” said Lorde via Facebook. “I completely understand both perspectives. Let’s talk this through.”

Nearly 200 responses later, the ultimate decision was that the show had to go on and it did not disappoint. The opening acts of Run The Jewels and Mitski both hyped and prepared the crowd for a night rife with anthemic ballads and soulful pop jams, though they were certainly not in the same genre as the main act.

Then, Lorde rose. Concert-goers watched as six dancers awash in blue light accompanied Lorde to begin her part of her gig.

The theme of lights did not go away and they were not purely a stylistic choice for songs like “Greenlight” or “Perfect Places.” The artist’s condition of synesthesia causes her to associate one sense with another—in her case, color with noises. Thus, she attributes certain colors with her songs. The level of attention to detail explains a lot about her performance, especially in Lincoln. Her concern about missing parts of the set and simultaneously her ability to still wow the crowd with her lineup of songs, dancing and visuals are a testament to her passion.

“By fate,” according to Lorde, the audience members were able to watch a spectacular show of melodramatic force.

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