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Ya’ wanna’ party with Cardi

Brita Quello, Staff Writer

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The artist that has gone from a stripping pole to capturing our hearts has now just announced her pregnancy and has just come out with a new album that many love. The release of “Invasion of Privacy” and this pregnancy announcement have many Cardi B fans going “OKURRR.”

Cardi B is not just some new artist, she is a funny and extremely retable icon that many people look up to. Her free-going spirit and go-with-the-flow attitude have many fans looking up to her. Her lifestyle and personal style is shown through her new album. Cardi B is not a trained vocalist, but that is what makes her music so special. She sings freely, while trying to get her point across.

On her newest album, “Invasion of Privacy,” my personal favorite song right now is “I Like It,”  featuring the Puerto Rican rapper-singer Bad Bunny and the Colombian star J Balvin. This mix is undeniable, both for its smoothness and aura. This song is also a revision of the classic by Pete Rodriguez, “I Like It Like That.”

Another popular song that has become a hit is “Drip.” “Drip” features the Migos, which includes her fiancé, Offset, who she is also expecting her unborn child with.

Not only are so many fans in love with Cardi B’s new album, but there are so many fans that are ecstatic over the news of her unborn baby. I mean, who would not be excited over the announcement of Baby Cardi?

Cardi B is not just the Queen of the Bronx anymore; she is the Queen of all of our lives. Cardi B will forever be my spirit-animal, as she lives her life for herself and no one else. Go check out her new album “Invasion of Privacy,” and go buy her a baby gift, because “she isn’t just getting fat in peace anymore.”

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