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Sickness can oftentimes be paralleled to ones emotional state and experiences

All that I know (Poem)

Veronica Iseminger, Perspectives Editor May 10, 2021

Just the thought of you was parasitic. It gnawed at me from the inside out, slowly, but in great measure nonetheless.  You infected my brain until it was nothing more than any other useless organ,...

Photo of Veronica Iseminger circa quarantine of 2020

Through the mind, through the water (Poem)

Veronica Iseminger, Staff Writer January 12, 2021

I remember for only a moment when my body had felt weightless as if I had become one of the soapy suds themselves.    I remember like them-when that feeling soon dissolved. When I was once...

Senior Gage Gramlick presents at the national Poetry Out Loud competition in 2018

Young poets prepare for competition

Slater Dixon, Staff Writer January 2, 2019

Many students compete in various activities, but a small group of LHS students is entering a competition which many students may not be aware of. This January these students will participate in Poetry...

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