Patriot Views: New principal, new rules

Lauren Teller and Jenna Becker

Q: How do you feel about the new LHS rules? How do you think they will impact students?


Brooke Winter, 9: “I think [the hallway rules] will help the students it might go a little faster in the hallway. Some people I know are really mad about them, but I guess I wasn’t here last year so I wouldn’t know. [The cell phone rule] is good and bad because it’s nice to be able to check up and text my mom or something […] but It would be annoying to have someone stand in the hallway or on their phone and you can’t get through.”


Joe Rundell, 10: “The whole ear bud thing is a little weird I never listen to music but, a lot of people need that in between passing periods to kind of relax a little bit and zone out. Same thing with the not being able to enter [the school from outside], like I understand that it’s a safety precaution but it has never caused any issues in the past so I don’t feel like they should have changed it, but I still understand it.”


Bowen Liu, 11: “It’s just something we have to get adjusted to as students under new administration […] maybe changes will occur in the future, and if not, it’s okay. Personally I’m not to affected by [the closed campus policy]. I know I didn’t go outside too much and I know there are some kids who don’t like it, but I know the purpose of it is to ensure the safety of the students and of the school.”


Connor Corsii, 12: “I understand the walking outside one, because it’s a safety concern, but the headphone one I don’t get, because obviously, I still wear headphones. But, new principal, new rules, I guess.”