The true meaning of Homecoming


Lauren Teller, Staff Writer

Walking the hallways of LHS, I have watched many students show their school spirit by dressing up in flashy, hilarious ensembles for each day´s theme. Sadly, I have passed many LHS students that are missing out on the opportunity to have some fun and show off their school spirit.

By writing this article for you all, I hope to let those students who are wary to participate that homecoming is meant to be fun! Now, you may be thinking, wow isn’t this article a little late? Well, It is only Wednesday, so LHS, that means that we still have half of the week to show how much we love our school by getting everyone pumped up and involved!

It is easier than you may think to get involved. Just simply show up and radiate what it means to be a Lincoln patriot. Being involved during homecoming week doesn´t have to include an extravagant costume, just show your love for LHS by smiling at someone else in the hallway or giving a friend a high five. Even though you may not be dressed up (although you definitely still should), everyone will appreciate that you are spreading what is truly means to be a great LHS student.

Carry your LHS values outside of school too. Attend the variety show and/or coronation on Thursday and come support the football team on Friday to be apart of the Lincoln Crazie crowd! Don´t be afraid to be a little enthusiastic about how great our school and each student who attends it!

But most importantly, keep the feeling of homecoming with you throughout the rest of the school year. Never stop showing your school spirit, even if it just a random, tiny act of kindness for a classmate or teacher. Always remember what it means to be a Lincoln patriot and spread it to others!