Are high schoolers too old to trick or treat?


Lauren Teller, Staff Writer

Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat. Halloween is for everyone to enjoy, but how old is too old to trick or treat?

With the holiday just around the corner, younger kids are looking forward to dressing up in costumes and receiving bags full of candy. However, what about the teenagers? Clearly, for most high schoolers, the only real motivation to go knocking on a neighbor’s door on a school night is for the free candy bars. Let´s face it, Halloween is not what it used to be. Even the ¨scary¨ decorations and tricks that neighborhood adults plan tend to be aimed for a much younger audience. As you get older, the Halloween display just doesn’t give you the thrill that it used to.

Most of the time, teens are frowned upon or are given dirty looks when asking for candy. Many teens don’t dress up in costumes, meaning that in return, adults won’t give candy to them. Adults expect to be paid visits by a cute little girl dressed as a pumpkin, or a little boy in a superhero cape. Instead, they are greeted by a 16-year-old standing at their door that put little to no effort into their Halloween ensemble.

Besides, most people will agree that half the fun of Halloween as a kid is dressing up and being a part of the parade of creative costumes. If you are not going to participate and get in on the action, then you definitely don’t deserve a Hershey bar from your neighbor Linda.  

In my opinion, avoid the dirty looks and save the candy for the kids. Spend your Halloween in a grown up way; go out and buy cheap candy the next day.