A day for those who fight for us


Photo provided by Google Public Use.

Lauren Teller, Staff Writer

According to the 2014 Census Bureau, 21.8 million Americans are veterans of the U.S. armed forces. Saturday, Nov. 11 is a day to honor all of the men and women who risk their lives to preserve our rights.

Setting aside a day for honoring and appreciating veterans dates back to World War I. The holiday’s original name was ‘Armistice Day’ when it originated on Nov. 11, 1919, one year after the end of World War I. However it wasn’t until 1938 that Veteran’s day was named as an official holiday. The holiday obviously still stands today, and as time has passed the meaning of Nov. 11 has not. Today our country still sets aside a day to honor America’s veterans whether they are living or diseased.

Sadly, many people think of Veteran’s day as just a minor government holiday, banks are closed and kids are off of school. However this holiday is one of high importance. Many Americans are already observing the holiday by providing special services to our veterans. Cities or organizations get involved by throwing parades to celebrate veterans and bringing people together for the common good of providing care to veterans. These services are provided by business and organizations to show just how much they appreciate those who sacrifice themselves for their country.

Observing Veteran’s Day is much easier than you may think. The holiday is not about participating in a large, flamboyant celebration, but rather just to remember those that have committed the ultimate act of patriotism for our country. The least you can do to observe the holiday is to remember to thank a veteran, just to remind them that you are appreciative for all that they have done for our country.