Hallway pet peeves

Genna Sheriff, Journalism Student

Everyone has something sets them off like a bomb. One act that makes their brain feel like it is going to explode into millions of pieces. For many students at LHS, that one pet peeve is the different types of people walking through the hallways. Here are a few of the types I’m talking about:

  1. Snail walkers: The ones that walk as slow as humanly possible to their next class, oblivious to the people behind them trying to actually get to class on time.
  2. Hand holders: Couples that feel like if they let their significant other’s hand go, they will die from separation. Some walk super slow, and take up so much room that nobody can pass them.
  3. The rebels: Not wanting to conform to the hallway walking patterns, they walk against the flow of traffic for reasons unknown to the more rational students at LHS.
  4. Technology turtles: People on their phones in between classes, but are so into it that they forget where they actually are and walk at the pace of a tortoise.
  5. Super stoppers: Those few who are walking one way, and then see their friend walking the opposite way. They then stop and jam up traffic before trying to integrate into the other side.
  6. Race runners: Whether it be running to their friends, or just to their class, these people seem to just love running. They also often hit people with their backpacks on the way without noticing or caring.
  7. Shoe-stepping shovers: We’ve all had that time when we walked down the hallways and someone steps on the back of your shoe and you limp the rest of the way to class. Or, those who shove everyone to get by their friends or to get to class.

School is hard enough without the struggles of walking through the halls. Tests, homework and projects stress everyone out enough without the added weight of what is going to happen to them or what they are going to see in the hallway that day.

So, join cross country, put down your phone or just follow basic hallway etiquette and the passing periods will flow a lot smoother.