School ends, chaos begins

Mara Fendrich, Journalism Student

    Some critics of high school claim that it does not do enough to prepare the students for college. While I may agree to an extent, it is not true in all cases, and one of the best examples is finals week.

    Having experienced finals week once already within my high school career, I can tell you this: it’s weird. And now that we are at the end of the school year, when summer is around the corner and everyone is counting down the minutes, stress and distractedness tend to arise in odd ways.

    One way I find myself behaving like a college student as finals approach is my eating schedule. Over the course of this week, I have had the following for breakfast in a rush as I struggle to get to class: a bottle of Mello Yello, four barbeque chips, Nutella and my own tears.

    Throughout the hallways, all kinds of odd behavior are showing more than ever. Series of screeches, fights, and inappropriate singing have all made an appearance as students accept the impending doom that is finals week.

    As certain parts of final assessments make their way into the second to last week of school, all logic seems to fly out the window as staff and students alike lose their minds. Even Principal Grimm was spotted eating straight out of a whipped cream container near a lunch table full of boys, claiming to be able to own them in basketball. During journalism, student Cameron Rhode has been throwing more and more pencils onto the ceiling of the lab. Over the course of about a week, approximately 15 pencils have stuck to the ceiling. No one has noticed yet.

    While it may be absolute chaos, it truly is beautiful to see LHS in its most raw state as the school year comes to a close. If anything, it means we have worked so hard up until this point that now we have run out of energy.