A run from home

A photo of the album cover.

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A photo of the album cover.

Ethan Kolb, Feature Editor

Music, something people can not go without. With thousands of artists, several choices of albums and millions of songs. After a while music starts to become dry and repetitive about drinking, having sex and smoking weed. But George Ezra brings a fresh new twist to the music scene, adding a new light for contemporary folk music.

While I do listen to rap/hip-hop on the occasion, my favorite genre of music is indie folk music. George Ezras music dabbles in genres of modern, light folk music. His baritone voice creates a warm feeling, almost like being at home on a snowy day, watching a movie in front of a fireplace. Ezra released his first album in 2014. After topping the charts with the album, he took off to an isolated location in England and boarding houses in Barcelona to help ease the social anxiety that was built from his fame and success.

Ezra was born June 7, 1993, in Hertford, England. Growing up, he gained a fascination with music at an early age. He moved to Bristol in 2011 to study at a music school called the ‘British and Irish Modern Music Institute.’  In 2013, he released his first EP, “Did You Hear the Rain?” After BBC played his song regularly, he gained popularity. In March of 2014, he released his first album, “Wanted on a Voyage.” It hit number three on the UK Albums Chart before climbing to number one in October of 2014, four months after it was released. It spent a total of four weeks at number one and was the third best selling album of 2014 in the UK.

While he has not released many albums to the public, his voice is known around the world from his famous song, “Budapest.” Ezra’s new album consists of 11 songs, each different from the last song. His album covers his emotions, ranging from the happiest of songs to the drowning time of “sad boi” hours. Not only are the songs diverse, but they keep the listener wanting more.  


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