2018 Volleyball: more than winning


Sydni Weitfeld

The LHS varsity Volleyball team huddles for a pep talk and to discuss game strategy.

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff writer

The LHS volleyball team had a rough season this year with only eight wins compared to 20 losses, but that did not stop the team from having a good year.

Winning was not everything to the team; what really mattered was each other.

Even though the competition this year was tough, senior Ally Jamison felt the team was closer than ever.

“This year was different for a couple reasons. We were a true family this year and everyone truly cared about one another,” said Jamison.

Jamison loves the sport. Trips and spending time with the team before games were her favorite parts of the season.

“My favorite parts of the season were the trip to Fargo and rooming with Bailey and Lexi there, and getting hyped in the locker room before games,” said Jamison.

Although the season was not the best regarding wins and losses, the team had other goals they achieved.

“This was a tough year for us [record wise], we met a lot of our goals that we set before games. Some things fell short but we definitely ended the season on a high note by never giving up against OG,” said Jamison.

Sophomore Sydni Wietfeld played on both the JV and varsity team; the season was different for her because there were not as many players this year.

“The season was different because there weren’t as many of us so we all had to step up into bigger roles,” said Wietfeld.

The first few games showed promise for the rest of the season but as the competition got tougher, matches went out of the team’s favor.

“We were very excited early in the season after a few good matches, but the competition got tough and I think we were all disappointed when close matches didn’t go our way,” said Wietfeld.

Wietfeld is expecting better results next year.

“My hopes are that we can come together and defy the odds,” said Wietfeld. “Next season I feel like we’ll all be more experienced and be more connected which always helps with our performance.”

Sydni Weitfeld
Team dinners are a way that the team comes together before a game.