The Freshman Academy: ‘22 out of 10?


Elizabeth Boysen

back row left to right: Maya Roth, Ariana Weldon, Charlie Dlugosh Front row left to right: McKenzie King, Dasani Lacroix, Olivia Hustrulid

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer

Photo provided by Savannah Chhen

This year at LHS, a new program called the Freshman Academy has been implemented.

The academy works like middle school with teams. This is so team teachers can collaborate to better help students more individually. Freshman English teacher Rebecca Mager, along with the other teachers on her team can come together to talk about how to help students in certain areas.

“The team teachers can talk to one another and talk about how they might be able to help a student that has maybe been struggling in one class but doing great in another,” said Mager.

Freshman Academy coordinator Joshua Smith hopes for the new system to make the transition into high school easier for 9th graders, and help them be more successful in high school.

“One thing we need to improve is our graduation rate. A starting point is to have the freshmen transition into high school successfully by learning to be high school students that are achieving at a high level both academically and socially,” said Smith.

Smith has seen changes in the performance of freshman students.

“Compared to years past, we have seen a higher pass rate for first quarter.  We are working on data in other areas such as attendance and behavior referrals.  There is confidence among staff that we’re having a positive impact,” said Smith.

Along with the improving grades of freshman, the behavior and attitude of students has bettered.

“The ultimate measure of success is not only [a student] becoming a sophomore, but graduating on time. Our progress so far is encouraging. We have had many successes including changes in behaviors in the classrooms and halls, students striving to reach the next higher grade in a class, and new relationships being built,” said Smith.

For freshman Savannah Chhen, the freshman academy helps her know that there are always teachers around to help.

“The freshman academy has helped me focus on the more important aspects of high school, like staying on top of my grades. It has also helped me knowing that if I’m in any way struggling, there is a teacher or two I can go to for help,” said Chhen.