‘thank u, next’: a pop culture bombshell and an anthem for self-appreciation


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“Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande (2018)

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer


Ariana Grande shook the pop culture world on Nov. 5, 2018, when she released the music video to her new song titled, “thank u, next.”

Again, Grande’s fans flipped when she performed the song live for the first time on Nov. 7 on the “Ellen” show.

“thank u, next” is an anthem to help people get over their past relationships. Grande sings about spending more time with her friends and realizing how she does not need a relationship to be happy.

Grande involves favorite 2000s teen movies, such as “Mean Girls,” which is the first of the four different films referenced. The first scene in the video shows Grande writing in the iconic burn book. About all of her ex-boyfriends, Big Sean, Ricky Alverez, Pete Davidson and Mac Miller who she described as “an angel.”

Many well-known celebrities filled the spots of the characters from the movie, Grande playing the infamous Regina George, even some original “Mean Girls” cast members joined the production. To name a few, Troye Sivan plays a gossiping teen from the “Mean Girl’s” high school, Gabi DeMartino (best known for her Ariana impressions on YouTube) plays another classmate. Elizabeth Gillies, a former “Victorious” co-star of Grande’s portrays the character Kady in the “Mean Girl’s” scenes. Kris Jenner also made a brief cameo as “the cool mom” originally played by Amy Poehler. Most notably, Jonathan Bennett, who played Aaron Samuels in the original film returned as his former character.

Next up in the lineup of films in the cheerleading drama, “Bring it on.”

Grande plays Torrance Shipman, the head cheerleader, two other “Victorious” co-stars, Daniella Monet, another cheerleader, and Matt Bennett, Grande’s fictional love interest make an appearance. A longtime friend of Grande’s, YouTube star Colleen Ballinger plays yet another cheerleader.

The third iconic early 2000s film referenced is “13 Going On 30” originally starring Jennifer Garner, starts off with Grande as the main character walking out of the house of her childhood best friend Matty’s house holding a dollhouse. No other characters are involved in this scene, but anyone who has seen the film knows how the story goes and can make the connection pretty easily.

The fourth and final movie is the cult classic “Legally Blonde,” in which Elle Woods, a Beverly Hills “it-girl” attends Yale to get an ex-boyfriend back.

Grande, of course, takes the opportunity to step into the role of Elle, and struts down the sidewalks of Yale University decked out in pink from head to toe. Jennifer Coolidge reprises her role as the nail technician Paulette Bonafonte, whom Elle becomes close friends with in the movie. Grande can be seen demonstrating the bend and snap, the surefire move guaranteed to get all the guys’ attention.

“Thank you, next” takes the pain from heartbreak and turns it into a way to figure out how to live life just being you. As Grande sings “Plus, I’ve met someone else… her name is Ari,” she shows how everyone should take time to just get closer to themselves.