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Betsy Plucker

Varsity cheerleaders stand on the sideline

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer


When someone goes to a football game, they know they will see about 12 girls down on the track shouting and stunting to support their team but a more underappreciated group is the basketball cheerleaders.

People are going to see more from these amazing girls this basketball season. Sideline cheer coach Betsy Plucker is having a lot of fun with the girls this year.

“My favorite part of coaching this year has been watching the girls grow as a team,” said Plucker. “The support the girls give each other is incredible, they work so hard and build each other up.”

Along with being a strong team, the cheerleaders are motivated to do their best in their sport.

“I would describe this year’s basketball cheerleaders as hardworking, fun and innovative,” said Plucker. “They work hard at their skills as well as getting the crowd involved through social media.”

At the basketball games, spectators can anticipate high energy and excitement.

“The basketball cheerleaders have a lot of experience… We have 11 returning cheerleaders,” said Plucker. “The crowd can expect a fun, loud and enthusiastic group!”

Senior Payton Berry is in her 3rd and final year as a cheerleader. She has also been on the football sideline cheer team. While the concept is the same, there are some differences.

“Basketball is different from the fact that it’s more up close and personal. Your student section is right there and the players are right there,” said Berry. “It’s louder and there is more energy at times. You can really interact with the student section and the parents.”

As one might expect, a cheerleader’s senior year is a little different than past years.

“For senior year you go all out,” said Berry. “You are so excited for every game knowing it’s your last and you want to cherish all your memories. It’s very bittersweet but so much fun.”

Students should make sure to get out to a game or two to see these amazing girls in action and support our Pats.

Betsy Plucker
Payton Berry flies high in the middle of a pyramid.