Study, practice and dedication: what it takes to be in a band

Nate Robertson

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Xander Donahue , Staff Writer


Being in a rock band sounds like it would be pretty fun. But how easy would it be to dedicate time to playing music with a group while also keeping up with school? Some people, like LHS senior Sydney Eichinger, know first hand how difficult it can be.

Eichinger is a local rock star and devoted musician. Her rock band career took off three years ago with the creation of Minority Falls, a local band featuring other young musicians. Minority Falls includes Simon Wormstadt on rhythm guitar, Cady LeNae on vocals, Aric Wilcox on drums and Hunter Phinney on the bass guitar.

The band spends a great deal of time rehearsing for shows and writing music. Unlike most “High School Bands,” Minority Falls very clearly brings a certain level of professionalism to how they manage their time. What also sets this band apart is the fact that all of the musicians are very good at what they do, making for a more developed sound.

“We meet at least two times a week for rehearsal,” said Eichinger. “We put two to three hours in at each rehearsal together and on top of that I shoot for at least two hours of practicing each night.”

The combination of playing in rehearsals and practicing at home has proved to be one of the most difficult parts of being in a band.

“Last year, it was very difficult for me to balance Minority Falls and school,” said Eichinger. “It’s not just that six hours a week rehearsing that gets in the way, but the time I have to spend practicing before rehearsal, and those Sunday night gigs where I don’t get home until 1 a.m. It’s definitely a balancing act that I have gotten better at over time, and with senior year it has been a lot easier.”

Despite the fact that balancing music and school is hard, it is by no means impossible. There are, of course, many positives to being in a locally recognized band.

“I love performing,” said Eichinger. “When I step on stage to play I feel more confident than I do just walking through the hallways.”

The band is continuing to grow over time. At this point the opportunities for this band are limitless. Their high energy live shows are always entertaining and fun to attend, and their music is now becoming accessible through music apps. This has proven to get them even more recognition.

“We just released our first single called, ‘Dreams’ (it’s on Spotify, iTunes, etc!) and played a release party at Club David,” said Eichinger.  “It was very cool to see that we built up a little fanbase and people were singing along.”

If you have not heard of this band I highly recommend you check them out. Be sure to be on the lookout for upcoming events. You will, without a doubt, not be disappointed.