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A letter to our readers concerning our app

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A letter to our readers concerning our app

Gage Gramlick, Editor-in-chief

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Due to changes in Apple’s app policy, our app developer is no longer able to offer push notifications for the time being. As push notifications were the main reason we paid for the app, we have decided to discontinue our subscription. We want to provide the best experience for our readers with the funds that we have, and the money spent on the app will now be better spent. In lieu of push notifications, we plan to make readers aware of breaking news via Twitter. If you wish to receive Statesman updates, please turn on notifications for our Twitter account @lhsstatesman.

Thank you for your patience and continued patronage. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any question or concerns.


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Gage Gramlick, Editor-in-Chief

LHS senior Gage Gramlick is editor-in-chief of the online and print versions of the Statesman. He is also editor-in-chief of your mom. Outside of giving...

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