Former LHS students show off their talent in their second art show

Both Adam Beilke and Sam Babcock attended LHS and received education from various art teachers.

Xander Donahue, Staff Writer

Former LHS students Adam Beilke and Sam Babcock have expanded their horizons and proved themselves as great aspiring artists.

Both Beilke and Babcock had their second conjoined art show last Friday at the Studio for Visual Materials in Downtown Sioux Falls. The free interactive experience showed off their impressive art while also giving viewers some intriguing activities to do. There were coloring stations, places for conversing and a table where you could buy prints. It gave people a chance to really get to know the two artists and to see the pieces that showed off their skills.

“The experience of creating art and being able to expose it to people really means a lot to me,” said Beilke.

Part of what made the event so successful was their professional and unique pieces. It was easy to tell that each work was done with love and care. The paintings spanned from beautiful sci-fi-like landscapes and wacky alien characters to beautiful night skies.

“The artwork itself is often a reflection of the ideas I have and who I am as a person in a way,” said Beilke.  “When you work on a painting for so long, a lot of life happens in the process. So, to put in so much work or emotion into the end result and have people appreciate it for different reasons is truly special.”

Beilke’s interest in art started when he was young, but his experience at LHS helped him develop into the person he is today.

“Lincoln has done wonders to spark my love for art,” said Beilke. “I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember, but it wasn’t until my time in high school where I really learned how far creativity could go. Classes like Painting, Exploring Visual Arts, Photography, AP Studio Art and more taught me so many techniques and fundamentals when it comes to creating a composition, regardless of the medium. All of the art department teachers have also been super supportive of my ideas. It’s safe to say that I wouldn’t be where I am without my experience at LHS.”

One can assume that the two artists have bright futures ahead of them. With two successful art shows already in the books, there is no telling what they can accomplish next. So, if you are interested in the local art scene in Sioux Falls, be on the lookout for any upcoming shows featuring Beilke and Babcock.