Salsa is not that great


Photo provided by Canva

SALSA can be chunky, sweet, sour, or spicy. Either way the LHS SALSA club is a fiesta.

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer

Salsa is a staple of most parties and is often served alongside guacamole and chips.

There is an inferior in that duo, and it is not made out of the ever popular avocado. Unpopular opinion: Salsa is really just ok. If I had the choice between salsa and guac, you better believe the avocado would be my choice every time.

It is also really difficult to make salsa and make it right, sometimes it’s too spicy, sometimes it’s sour and sometimes people put strange ingredients in it.

Store bought salsa is hit or miss most of the time; there are so many different brands and types, and that means there are even more chances to get a bad one.

My solution to this problem is simple: Just don’t take the risk with salsa.

I have just been informed that I am supposed to be writing about the cons of SALSA, the student volunteer club. However, even after much consideration and research, I cannot really find any negatives to the program.

SALSA provides students with valuable experience with getting involved in their school’s and city’s community through logging volunteer hours. (Which is a lot better than a chip dip.)

Being involved in SALSA not only looks great on college applications, but the program makes participants better leaders in their community and in their school.

So if you are going to go with one type of salsa or the other, go with the club, not the chip dip.