LHS introduces the new Captain’s Council


Image created by Lauren Teller

The LHS Captain's Council is a new addition to the school this year.

Lauren Teller, Staff Writer

“The happiest people I know are those who help others,” said LHS athletic director Joey Struwe.

Struwe has recently selected a lineup of “captains,” students who have been selected by heads of their individual activities to represent and collaborate with others regarding student leadership. The concept is new to LHS, born this year after Struwe was inspired by other schools and athletic directors in the area. He feels that the organization will be a positive addition to the school and will give students a chance to express new ideas, ask questions and raise concern as they exercise their role as leaders in the school.

“My goal is to improve communications between the students and coaches, as well as students and administration,” said Struwe. “I want people to have a place where they can come to talk and that their voices are heard. Those students may not get what they want, but at least we can have a conversation and start dialogue. It will be an open place to express opinions, feelings and concerns.”

Struwe has set aside clear goals for the organization, although the specifics are to be left up to the members.

“I want to really leave a lot of the goals and activities that we throw all up to the council,” said Struwe. “I want to form those in collaboration with them, I want them to be the directors and the leaders, and that’s part of what the Captain’s Council is designed to do. The council is designed to create leaders and to develop leadership skills, by leading the organization themselves. I plan to be more of a guide than a leader.”

The fundamental objective of the council is to lead by example for the greater student body. Struwe hopes that an example of servant leadership is passed onto the members of the group as well as other LHS students.

“I think it can affect us in a lot of positive ways. I really want things to transfer to the student body,” said Struwe. “Part of being a captain is all about service. When you do things for other people, I think that it does more for yourself… So, I’m hoping that that’s what we get out of it is that we recognize that we need servant leaders, and I think that the Captain’s Council will help facilitate that here at Lincoln.”