Lincoln laments


Elizabeth Boysen

Lincoln laments aims to give students an outlet to voice their opinions about the school.

Elizabeth Boysen, Staff Writer

High school is full of drama, and sometimes students need to voice their opinions.This is where social media often comes into play, and one Instagram account has been created as an outlet for LHS students to send in anonymous messages that may be posted on the account for followers to see.

@lincolnlament makes it easy for students to have their voices heard, and every message is carefully considered before the owners, who wish to remain anonymous, hit the post button.

“Please remember that I have a final say as to what’s posted,” said one of the owners. “If I say I’m no longer posting about a subject and you send in something about it anyway, you’re not allowed to get angry when I ignore it. I try not to censor anything except for names and blatant hate speech. So, if I don’t post it, chances are it’s for a reason.”

There have been multiple owners of the account since it was first created.

“There were [other owners] but they graduate this year so we agreed they would leave the account,” said the owner. “It’s weird for college kids to worry about high school drama.”.

The inspiration behind the account stemmed from a similar page, Roosevelt Rants.

“I saw Roosevelt Rants and it looked fun, but as I kept doing it, it became more and more clear to me that people needed an anonymous, judgment-free zone,” said the owner. “I was also struggling with one of my teachers who is widely liked and no one would listen to me when I ranted about him. I figured there has to be more of us and we need each other.”

The intentions for the account are entirely positive despite minor controversies.

“I wanted a place where students could feel free to let themselves go for a minute without getting in trouble for expressing their opinions,” said the owner.

However, due to some of the opinions expressed on the account, there have been times where administration got involved.

“There was one controversial post where a native American student expressed displeasure with how a white teacher was teaching them their culture,” said the owner. “Admin was looking for me because it was mean to say, despite the fact that [the teacher] was not mentioned by name and [the teacher’s] concerns were taken heavily over the students’. Since then they’ve been watching us but not as closely.”

The owner says they are very careful with the content posted and want to ensure that students and teacher know they protect students’ identities and filter out blatant hate.

“We’ve filtered out blatant hate comments about administration, harmful and bigoted confessions about LGBT+ students and more,” said the owner. “Every confession is considered before being posted and the admins of this account have agreed that if any direct threats of violence are made, the administration will be the first to know.”