Top five Netflix shows to binge this summer



Many teenagers will spend their summer vacation binge watching shows on Netflix.

Genna Sheriff, Feature Editor

As the final days of the school year are approaching, students are growing increasingly busy with senior graduation parties, AP tests and award banquets, on top of turning in any last minute assignments. But, this busy time is coming to a close and will soon leave some teenagers with an abundance of time on their hands. Many will spend countless hours in front of the TV, so here are some shows to watch after you have watched everything else.

  1. “Grey’s Anatomy”

I understand that you have probably watched this series a couple times before, but with 14 seasons on Netflix, it is guaranteed to take you at least a week or two to finish.

  1. “Stranger Things”

Right now only seasons one and two are out, but the third season is coming out July 4, so you have plenty of time to watch (or rewatch) the first two seasons and catch up before the third is released.

  1. “Black Mirror”

With each episode following a new story line, this Netflix Original is sure to keep you captivated. The fifth season is airing June 5, so hurry up and binge the first four seasons before it comes out. If you are into the dystopian theme, then I promise you will not be wasting your time.

  1. “Sherlock”

This series might only have four seasons with three to four episodes each, but each episode is pretty lengthy. Each episode hooks you from the start, causing you to speculate what is going to happen the entire time. If you enjoy mysteries with a lot of twists and turns, then this is the show for you.

  1. “New Girl”

I recently just started this show and it has already captured almost all of my free time. It is a hilarious comedy that keeps you wanting to come back for more. This show is a good pick for anyone who likes a good laugh and I am interested to see what happens throughout the rest of the series.