Lucky Lincoln, lucky administration


LHS Statesman

LHS has three new administrators this year: Dr. Laura Raeder, Mitch Lynch and Kari Papke.

Genna Sheriff, Editor-in-Chief

This year, LHS welcomes not one, but three new administrators.  while this is a time of transition, many are looking forward to what is to come.

Dr. Laura Raeder is the new principal, with Mitch Lynch and Kari Papke taking on the assistant principal roles. 

“I have no doubt that [LHS] will be an amazing place to be, thanks to their leadership and commitment,” said LHS senior Presley Brasel.

Not only is it an adjustment for the returning students and faculty, but for the new administrators. Throughout the week, the administrators have met with each grade level (with the exception of freshmen, which they met with on PST night). While they have many goals for the year, one that was echoed by all three while meeting students the first few days of school was student involvement.

“When it comes to kids, my goal is for people to get involved,” said Raeder. “For them to find something, and if there isn’t anything that they feel empowered to join, then for them to create a club or activity for them to belong to.”

Now that the first six days of school are over and the chaos is settling, everyone is looking forward to the year ahead. 

“Before this, I always said that I was the luckiest person in Sioux Falls to be able to do this,” said Raeder. “And now, it’s just coming to fruition just how lucky we are all to be here at Lincoln.”